Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page provides a means of searching the FERC libraries by using a much larger range of search criteria than can be found in the General Search page. Any combination of the available search criteria on the page may be used to narrow the search.

The Advanced Search page provides search access to most of the document-level data elements stored in the eLibrary database. Wherever appropriate, more than one option may be entered for specific criteria.

This search option also provides a quick search that is based on a select number of key fields. Because the Advanced Search page is long, there is a Submit button near the center of the page so that you do not need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page if you don't need to.

You may also select the maximum number of retrieved items to be displayed on each Search Results page.



Advanced Search Screen



1.   Access the Advanced Search page.

2.   Enter your search criteria.

3.   Initiate the search.

4.   In the Search Results page, view and add to a request list the documents you want. Note: You may perform certain actions relating to a document directly on the page without using a request list.

5.   Submit your request list.