Daily Filings/Issuances Search


By using the Daily Filings/Issuance search, you can search for documents that have been submitted to or issued by FERC on a specific date. The Daily Filings/Issuance Search page has fields for only those search criteria that are necessary to perform the Daily Filings/Issuance search.



Daily Search Parameters Screen



To perform a Daily Filings or Issuances search, do the following:

1.   Access the Daily Filings/Issuances Search page.

2.   Select and make entries in the options that you want to use as the criteria for your search.

3.   To initiate the search, click the Submit button. This brings up the Daily Filings/Issuance Search-Report page.

On the Daily Filings/Issuance Search - Report page you have the option of making a selection from the document or documents that came up from the search.