Docket Search

The Docket Sheet search option consists of three related pages that allow you to quickly search for a specific docket number within a specified date range.

The initial page, which is the Docket Search page, also includes fields that you can use to generate a list of the available sub-docket numbers, to check for consolidated dockets, and to include legacy documents in your search.

The Consolidated Docket Sheet page provides an intermediate display if you had specified a search for consolidated dockets in the Docket Sheet search page. It indicates whether the original Docket Number is part of a consolidation and, if so, whether it is the lead docket. This page also lets you perform a search on various docket number combinations, depending on the status of the current docket number.

When you initiate a search from either of these pages, a Docket Sheet results page appears to display all documents that are associated with the specific docket number and listed as being on the Docket Sheet.





Docket Search Parameters Screen


To perform a Docket Search, do the following:

1.   Access the Docket Search page.

2.   Select and make entries in the options that you want to use as the criteria for your search.

3.   To initiate the search, click the Submit button.