General Search

The General Search option is used to perform a simple document search of the eLibrary database by entering the most common query types.

The General Search page provides you with access to several of the document-level data elements stored in the eLibrary system. Wherever appropriate, more than one option can be entered for specific criteria.

This search option also provides a quick search that is based on a select number of key fields. You can search by filed date or posted date, a docket and subdocket number, or a full text search. In addition, you can select one or more values in the Category, Library, or Class/Type fields.

You may also select the maximum number of retrieved items to be displayed on each Search Results page.





General Search Parameters


1.   Select and make entries in the options that you want to use as the criteria for your search or click the submit button to accept the default options.

2.   On the General Search page, select the Date Range of the document you are looking for.

3.   If you want a different number of results per page, change the default value of the Results per Page option.

4.   To initiate the search, click the Submit button. This brings up the Search Results page.