New Dockets Search


The New Dockets search is used to search for any of the dockets and sub dockets for a particular date or range of dates.

Searches can be performed by either the date the docket and subdocket were created or the date the Docket was filed.  The default is the create date.

Important: There is a 10 day maximum date range allowed for the New Dockets Search.





New Docket Search Parameters


1.   Access the New Dockets search page

2.   Select either the Create Date of Docket and Subdocket or Docket Filing Date option.

3.   Select and make entries in the options that you want to use as the criteria for your search or select the default options and click the Submit button.

4.   In the Date Range: area, enter the From and To range of the dates within which you want your search based.

5.   Select the desired options under the sort results.

OTE: If you want to completely redo the entries on the page, click the Reset button to reset the page to its default settings.

6.   When you are ready to start the search, click the Submit button. This brings up the New Dockets Results Page.