Logging onto eLibrary

Members of the general public are automatically logged on to eLibrary as Guest users and may view public documents without formally logging on.

In order to view non-public documents, FERC and other authorized users must first log onto eLibrary. The eLibrary Web logon function authenticates FERC users by using FERC’s enterprise Active Directory. Active Directory enforces all FERC password strength rules for FERC users via a single mechanism, and those users need to maintain a separate username for eLibrary.

NOTE: Non-FERC users who have authorized access to view non-public documents, need to use an eLibrary login provided by FERC to be authenticated.



eLibrary Logon Screen



1.   Enter your user Id number and password as shown below.

2.   Click the submit button.




Logon Screen


3.   You can now enter the search for non-public documents.