What is eLibrary


eLibrary (formerly FERRIS) provides a database of documents that have been issued by or submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Members of the public and FERC personnel can access this database; however, only FERC personnel can access certain documents that are designated as non-public.

Specifically, eLibrary gives you access, through the FERC Web site, to over two million documents with over 10 million pages that have been archived over more than 20 years.

As a web-based system, eLibrary enables you to search the database, view several categories of documents, view scanned images of documents that you select, and have the documents printed, downloaded to your desktop, or saved on a CD.

The eLibrary includes:

·   Electronic versions of documents issued by FERC from 1989 to present

·   Documents received and issued by FERC

·   A description/index of documents from 1981 to present

·   Microfilm of documents for 1981 to 1995

·   Images of paper documents for the period 1995 to present

·   Native files electronically submitted from November 2000 to present

The images and native files are available for viewing on a desktop PC. You may request through the FERC Web site older documents that are available only on microfilm and aperture cards.

The eLibrary is the result of a combination and enhancement of the data and capabilities of several earlier systems. The system:

·   Adds enhanced and more powerful searches for documents.

·   Provides a seamless interface to electronic filings.

·   Improves the ability to view large format maps.

·   Enables users to select from several formats for downloading documents.

·   Provides users with the ability to search the text of newly scanned documents that have been converted to PDF.

·   Enables users to request that documents be printed or downloaded to a CD.