Completing a Request Form

When you submit your request from the Request List page, the Request Form displays as shown below. You can enter the appropriate information into each field.



Request Form


The request type field is automatically populated according to the action and option you had selected in the Request List page.


You can make entries in the Job Instructions field for non-automated requests; i.e. more than one copy of a CD or printing one page from a microfilm document. Print requests for standard documents are normally automated.


As the figure above shows, the Request form for public users has a Method of Payment area with options for account or credit card payments. The Request Form for FERC users is identical to that for public users except there is not Method of Payment area.


Use the following procedure to complete the form.


1.   Select By Mail in the Delivery Options area if you want the item mailed to you.

2.   Select Pick-Up if you want to pick up the item yourself.


NOTE: If you select By Mail, you must fill in the Shipping Address: area.

If you select Pick Up you only need to fill in the Name, Organization and Phone Numbers fields.


3.   Click on the Request List button if you need to make a change in the Request Type or the items you had selected.


NOTE: There is a 20-minute time-out for returning to the Request List Page. If you exceed the time-out, the Request List page will be cleared.


4.   Click on the Submit button. The request is processed. When the request has been processed, the Request Form Confirmation page displays.