Creating a Request List

There are various ways of creating Request Lists. Listed below is the most common. Depending on the type of search you have requested, the Add to Request button or link may be located at different areas on the screen.


1.   Perform a search for the documents you want by using the General or Advance Search options.

2.   From the Search Results page, select the document or documents that you want by clicking on either the Info link or the File link in the last column to the right in the row your document appears.




Search Results Showing Info and File Links on Right


This brings up the either the Document Information page or the File List page, depending on which link you selected.


Document Information showing Add to Request Button



3.   If you selected the File List page, check the appropriate box for the document(s) you want.

4.   Click on the Add to Request button near the bottom of the page (the Document Information page or the File List page, as appropriate).


Add Request Confirmation Screen


Add Request Confirmation window momentarily appears and your selection is added to the Request List.

5.   If you want to make additional searches, perform steps 1 through 4 again.

6.   When you are finished searching for and selecting your documents (or at any time you want to review the Request List), bring up your request list.  

7.    You are now ready to review the Request List and submit a request for the documents you want.