Introduction to Request Lists

After you perform a General or Advanced search and the Search Results page appears, you can select from that page the specific items that you want and add them to a Request List. You can then do another search that is based on new criteria and add additional items from the search results to the Request List.

The procedure is a little different if you perform a Daily Filings/Issuances or Docket Sheet search. With these searches you must access either the Files or Document Information page from the results page. You can then add your document to the Request List from either of these pages.

This process may be repeated until you think you have all the documents you are interested in. At any point in this process you can review the Request List; If you change your mind about a document, you can delete it from the Request List and perform another search.

When all of the searches are completed and you are satisfied with the Request List, you can have either all of the items or selected items from the Request List printed out, downloaded to your computer, or saved on a CD.

If you select an option that will be performed at FERC, a Request Form page displays so that you can enter the appropriate order information. Finally, a Request Confirmation page displays when you submit the request.