eLibrary Search Options


The eLibrary interface provides for searches that are based on five search screens.

·   General Search - The General Search option provides a simple interface with the basic key elements for entering search criteria.

·   Advanced Search - The Advanced Search presents all the options available in the system for searching. When compared with the General Search, it provides added elements that provide for a more detailed search that is based on a number of key fields.

·   New Docket Search - The New dockets search is used to search for any of the dockets and sub dockets for a particular date or range of dates.

·   Docket Search - The Docket Search provides access to docket and consolidated docket information in eLibrary and ATMS. In addition, there is a Search Consolidated button located at the bottom of the page.

·   Daily Filings/ Issuance Search - The Daily Filings/Issuance Search lets you perform a search of the eLibrary database for documents submitted to or issued by FERC on a specific date.

After you access any one of the search pages, you will find links to the other search pages in the menu on the blue column on the left side of the page. You can use these links if you decide that one of the other search screens is better suited for the document you are trying to find.

Searches are based on criteria that include document dates, types of libraries in which documents may be found, categories of the documents, and other components of the eLibrary database structure.